Schemes/Policies of the Department and Sub-Departments

The Department in order to fulfill its objectives and mandate, has initiated pragmatic steps to woo the educated youth under the Cooperative Sector and has exhorted them to form their Cooperatives. In the State there are two Acts viz. Cooperative Societies Act 1989 and the J&K Self Reliant Cooperatives Act 1999, concurrently governing the registration and working of Cooperative institutions under the respective Act. To make an explicit explanation, Cooperative are registered under the provisions of the Act of 1999. However, in order to facilitate NCDC funding, registration of Dairy and Poultry Societies is also allowed under the Act of 1989 by virtue of an amendment in the J&K Self Reliant Cooperatives Act 1999. The break-up of the registration of Cooperatives/Societies from 2002 upto 31-03-2011 is as under:-

Coop./ Soc. Act No. of Coops./Soc. Registered Membership
1989 329 16450
1999 (Self reliant) 1944 21340

Major schemes of NCDC

The State had gone into default with the NCDC for about 14 years from 5/3/1989 to 31/3/2002. An amount of Rs. 1924.975 was over due towards NCDC. On the request of the State Govt. in 2003, NCDC agreed for One Time Settlement involving waiver of over due interest of Rs. 1194.32 lacs. The Payment of balance of Rs. 730.655 lacs was mutually agreed to be made in 7 equal installments, which has been already remitted to the NCDC, thereby making the State eligible for further financing of schemes/ projects.

Major Projects/Schemes of NCDC under implementation in the State are as under:-

  • Development of Commercial Poultry under Cooperative Sector
  • Integrated Cooperative Development Projects

Development of Commercial Poultry under Cooperative Sector

In the year 2003 the State Govt. decided to develop commercial poultry in the State under Cooperative Sector with the active financial support from National Development Cooperative Corporation (NCDC). Registrar Cooperative Societies was accordingly nominated as Nodal Officer for the purpose with the mandate to tie up with NCDC for arranging financial support.

As a sequel to this, the J&K Self Reliant Cooperatives Act 1999 was accordingly amended, thereby paving way for registration of Cooperative Societies under Poultry and Dairy disciplines under the old Act (of 1989). Accordingly, a decision was taken that Registrar Cooperatives will register Poultry Cooperative Societies all over the State, through media publicity and creating awareness amongst the general public about the development/opportunities in the field of Poultry. This received an overwhelming response of the general public; particularly the educated youth, to set up Poultry Projects.

NCDC Schematic Pattern of Poultry Funding

S. No. Particulars From NCDC to State Govt. From State Govt. to Society
1 Margin Money 100% Loan To be passed on as Share capital.
2 Infrastructural Components 75% Loan
17.5 % Subsidy
50% Loan
25% S hare Capital
17.5% Subsidy
7.5% Members contribution

Jammu and Kashmir has been categorized as cooperatively least developed so the loan component has been reduced and correspondingly the subsidy component has increased by 5%.

Adequate safeguards have been made in the operational guidelines issued by the Govt. based on the Cabinet Decision No.85/7 dated 30/5/2005 followed by Govt. Order No. 14-Coop of 2005 dated 13/06/2005. It was further decided Loans have to be secured through mortgage and third party guarantee, release of subsidy on completion (back ended) etc. As per the scheme, all defaults to be recovered as arrears under Land Revenue Act. To ensure recovery on time, Poultry Cooperative Societies and the Banks have been advised to maintain their transactions on the principle of ESCROW Accounting.

So far 329 Poultry/ Dairy Cooperative Societies have been registered all over the State from 2003-04 onwards, out of which 134 Poultry Projects have been recommended to NCDC for funding. Till date 35 Projects in 2 phases involving a Project cost of Rs. 860.92 Lacs have been sanctioned. The Projects on completion are visualized to meet local demand of poultry birds in their respective area of operation, besides providing direct employment to about 2000 unemployed youths and an equal number on part time basis.

Integrated Cooperative Development Projects (ICDP)

The State Government in its resolve to strengthen the Cooperative Movement, has started the implementation of Integrated Cooperative Development Projects (ICDP) funded by NCDC. The aim and purpose of the Projects is Holistic development of the Cooperative Movement in the State/District. In this connection, financial assistance under different heads for the Cooperative Marketing Societies/ Pry. Agriculture Coop. Societies/ Consumer Stores/Vegetable Cooperatives and Dairy Cooperative Societies, is being provided under the scheme.

Two Districts viz. Anantnag and Kathua have been taken up in the first instance under the ICDP scheme and both the Projects are nearing completion. An aggregate amount of Rs. 1936.660 Lacs has been the total Project cost for both the Projects.

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY)

RKVY is a centrally sponsored scheme with a focus on development and strengthening of agriculture and its allied sectors. During the financial year 2009-10 an amount of Rs. 55.00 Lacs has been released in favour of 62 Cooperative Societies as Working Capital for augmenting their business for timely availability of agricultural inputs to the farmers. Similarly, during the current financial year an outlay of Rs. 233.00 Lacs have been provided for construction of two Godowns of 1000 MTs capacity each at Sopore in Baramulla District and Assar in Doda District. Against this, an amount of Rs. 118.48 Lacs has been received, out of which Rs. 59.24 Lacs each stand further released in favour of Chief Engineer R&B Jammu and Srinagar for undertaking the above work.

Women Credit Cooperatives

Two women Credit Cooperatives, one each for Jammu and Kashmir divisions, have been registered under the provisions of the J&K Self Reliant Cooperatives Act 1999. The two credit cooperatives have enrolled about 6200 women members. Jammu Women Credit Cooperative has opened 10 branches while Kashmir Women Credit Cooperative has opened one branch and another being commissioned shortly. Both the Cooperatives have commenced lending among the women members, besides, accepting Micro deposits and opening branches. Both the Cooperatives are visualized to grow into a full-fledged Women Cooperative Bank in due course of time after attaining the Entry Point Norms.