Functions & Duties

The Institution of Registrar Cooperative Societies, is charged with the responsibility of registration of Cooperative Societies/Cooperatives, post-registration supervision and audit etc. of the Cooperative Societies registered under the provisions of Cooperative Societies Act 1989. The main functions of the Department are as under:

    1. Registration of Cooperative Societies/Cooperatives.
    2. Registration of amendments to the Bye-laws of Cooperative Societies
    3. Ensure timely conduct of Election to the Managing Committee in Cooperative Societies by the incumbent managements;
    4. Ensure proper investment of funds by Cooperative Societies as per Act and Rules;
    5. Conduct audit, order inspection, enquiry and also initiating surcharge proceedings against negligent functionaries of cooperative societies;
    6. Settlement of disputes of Cooperative Societies through the process of arbitration
    7. To function as an appellate Court in respect of orders passed by lower arbitration courts;
    8. Enforcement/execution of Orders, Awards and Decrees of subordinate Arbitration Courts;
    9. Order winding up and cancellation of registration of defunct/ non-functional Cooperative societies.
    10. Advise for creation of Cooperative Education Fund for training, education, and publicity programmes for the development of Cooperative Movement.
    11. To take steps for framing/amending Cooperative Societies Act/Rules, from time to time, as per requirement
    12. To frame, implement execute and monitor various schemes approved by the Central /State Govts, including financial assistance to various sectors of Cooperatives